REDETE (Researching Entrepreneurship and Economic Development) is a professional network of academics, businesspersons and professionals in the Western Balkan region producing, in cooperation with many other international institutions, applied research on the impacts of globalisation and European integration on local Balkan communities. Among others, its professional activities contribute to the reconciliation of ethnic and religious communities of the region following the conflicts of the 1990s. Receiving an additional boost under the advise of Professor Vassilios Fouskas of the University of East London (UK) since 2013, REDETE provided synergies between the local government, graduate students and SMEs. In this respect, it acts as a catalyst between the public and the private sectors of the economy by way of developing synergies between them and the higher education sector. REDETE's annual conference, founded in 2011 with the aim to (re)launch debates and scholarly research on issues concerning economic development in transition countries, has now moved onto a more complex and rewarding role, benefitting local communities, government, business, students and academics.

REDETE, primarily, is embedded in the Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka. As an academic network connecting research with enterprise and policy-making, REDETE developed knowledge transfer links and activity with over 28 think-tanks and Universities in the Balkans, East/Central Europe and the EU, providing local Early Career Researchers, PhD students and other graduates with amble opportunities to internationalise and involve themselves in fundable research projects benefitting both themselves and the local business sector (see B2B section). This has had as a result to substantially halt the "brain drain" phenomenon experienced in the region, while contributing to reconciliation, social inclusion and reduction of unemployment rates among young graduates. Importantly, local academics and students benefitted from studying for their courses and for research purposes material and original research articles from the academic publication, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies (, the most widely read periodical in academic and business circles in the region and beyond.

REDETE Objectives

Scientific Research

Encouraging scientific research and education is in ours and Yours best interest as an academic individuals.

Exchange Of Scientific Views

Promoting the exchange of scientific views in the field of entrepreneurship/innovation and economic development.

Promote Quality Research

Promotion of quality research in transition countries.

Organize Seminars And Workshops

Organization of seminars and workshops on research development and academic writing.

Promote Relations

Connecting institutions and people as well as encouragement and promotion of relations between Academia, Industry and Government.

Who should attend this conference?

  • Researchers, educators and practitioners in entrepreneurship from all over the world, who wish to present their research and discuss their findings with colleagues
  • Representatives of governmental organisations, business and trade associations concerned with the promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Senior officials in entrepreneur development, economic policy-making, regional development, sustainability and administration
  • Suppliers of education and training services
  • All those interested in entrepreneurship