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Conference Topics and Call for Papers

RESEARCHING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN TRANSITION ECONOMIES: Is free trade working for transitional and developing economies?

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th REDETE conference, which will take place in Belgrade in October/November, 2016 (TBC). As the Conference title suggests, we welcome research papers that examine key trends and challenges of free trade in transitional and developing countries. In that context, the most concerning questions/issues are:

  • Should countries regulate foreign investment?
  • Is foreign capital essential?
  • Does culture influence economic development?
  • What is bad about privatisation?
  • Private versus state enterprises.
  • Can financial prudence go too far?
  • Does corruption harm economic development?
Apart from these general questions the scope for research questions related to entrepreneurship is unlimited.
Free trade or economic liberalisation is increasing linked to international relations and international negotiations between countries. In other words, political competitions determine the individual government's policy preferences. Therefore, a number of the conference tracks are devoted to the associated teams.

We shall particularly value papers based on reach empirical data and methodologically innovative research, and encourage doctoral students and young researchers to prepare their evolving research for the writing workshop that will be organised during the Conference.

We shall have again a selection of distinguished scholars as key notes and special guests.